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“We want to change healthcare for Outdoor Women. To provide access for women in outdoor spaces and create community to educate, support and empower.”

Dr. Zoe Caliendo, PT, CEO of Outdoor Women’s Wellness

What We Offer


All of your healthcare education in one place by licensed healthcare providers

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Outdoor Women's Wellness provides virtual one-on-one services for:

Physical Therapy 
Training Programs 
Mental Health Therapy 
Nutrition Coaching 
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Group Programs


Check out our virtual and in person programs happening this year. 

Sport specific holistic programs and retreats


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Our 2024 LIVE Webinar Series

Included with all packages or $30 for individual attendance


January 18th @ 6pm PST - The Effects of Altitude and the Female Body with Dr. Irina Plante, PT

February 15th @ 6pm PST- Optimizing Your Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete with Registered Dietitian Jessie McGinty

March 14th at 6pm PST-  Understanding and Overcoming Fear in Outdoor Sports with Mental Health Therapist Haley McSweeney

April 18th at 6pm PST- Pelvic Floor Dysfunction for Women with Dr. Mal James, PT and pelvic floor specialist

May 9th at 6pm PST- Training for Longevity: Continue to do what you love now and later in life with Dr. Zoe Caliendo, PT

June 6th at 6pm PST-  Befriending Your Mind with Mental Health Therapist Gaby Colletta


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