Group Programs

4 Pillars of Health Live 8 Week Course

January 16th- March 3th



2 Month Training for Climbers Group Course

March 5th- April 9th

$499 non-members, $399 gold members

The instructors will lead you through six 90- minute sessions to cover strength training, mobility for climbers, cardiovascular training with use of heart rate zones, nutritional coaching, mental resilience and fear management. The time between sessions allows you to apply what you learned, complete your training program each week and start to see results. 

With the live groups you can ask questions, engage with other participants and continue to learn deeper on each topic from our instructors. 

Small group size of 15 for optimal learning and group engagement.

Registration opens for members on February 1st, non-members February 5th

Training for Climbers Course Schedule


All live sessions are on Tuesdays at 5pm PST and are 90 minutes long. They will be recorded and available after for those who cannot attend the live sessions. 


Session 1 March 5th: Introduction to Training Program & Goal Setting

This intro session you will meet all the members of this group! We will be going through vision building, goal setting and your first month training program including strength training, mobility for climbers and cardio with education of heart rate zones.


Session 2 March 12th: Nutrition Basics for Training & Everyday Life

This session will provide essential insights and practical guidance on optimizing dietary choices to enhance both athletic performance and overall well-being, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of nutrition fundamentals for a balanced and active lifestyle.


Session 3 March 19th Foundations of mind-body Health with Fear Management

This session delves into the intricacies of our cognitive landscape. You will be guided through an exploration of beliefs, narratives, and the profound interplay between thoughts, emotions, and physiology. Then applying this to climbing and fear management. 


Session 4 March 26th Phase 2 Training Plan & Introduction to Zone 5

You have completed phase 1! Now it is time to learn how to progress strength training into phase 2. You will learn about importance of fast twitch fibers, reaction time, climbing specific training and what zone 5 training is. 


Session 5 April 2nd: Advanced Nutrition for Climbers

You will delve into specialized insights on supplements, hydration strategies, and nutritional considerations tailored for climbing. Then utilize them to thrive during extended outdoor adventures and conquer bigger mountain days with optimal energy and resilience.


Session 6 April 9th: Protecting Mental Health / Increasing Stress Resilience

In this session you will gain invaluable insights into the practices of energy management, the cyclical nature of emotions, the intricacies of the nervous system, and effective tools for somatic awareness to apply to daily life and climbing. 


Meet Your Instructors

Gaby Colletta

Gaby is a Somatic Therapist, Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Yoga Teacher with over 15 years of practice in integrative wellness and healing arts. She facilitates nature-based retreats, guides mind-body courses and coaches individuals on how to create an ecosystem of internal resources that increase resilience and tap into innate potential. Gaby holds a Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology from CIIS and a Bachelor’s in Communication from New York University. 

Gaby will be leading you through Foundations of mind-body Health and Protecting Mental Health / Increasing Stress Resilience portions of this course. 

Dr. Zoe Caliendo

Zoe completed her bachelor's degree in exercise science followed by her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She is passionate on working on performance based rehabilitation and training for injury prevention and longevity. She has been practicing in the outpatient orthopedic setting and working with clients for physical therapy and training programs for the past 7 years. In her free time you can find her rock climbing, backcountry snowboarding or mountain biking. 

Zoe will lead you through your two months of training programs including strength training 2 days a week, 1 stability day, and cardio with education and use of heart rate zones. She will also lead you through the sleep portion and the putting it all together. 

Lauren MacLeod

Lauren is a registered dietitian specializing in outdoor sports performance nutrition. She has also worked in medical nutrition therapy, integrative medicine, and eating disorder treatment, practicing from a Health At Every Size (HAES) approach. Her goal at OWW is to help women ditch diet culture and instead focus on proper nutrition and body respect to support training and injury recovery goals.

Lauren will be guiding you through Nutrition for Daily Life and Advance Nutrition for sport including education on hydration, supplementation and bigger physical endeavors.