Ambassador Program

2023 - 2024 Ambassadors

Nicki Simon


 "I want to be an advocate for a healthy relationship with ourselves and our sports, and use my experiences to help other women break away from unrealistic expectations. Let's all just take care of ourselves and HAVE FUN!"





Samantha Lee


"I am someone who believes in and supports community health by nature and by training. I would like to bring my two favorite worlds (outdoors and health) together to promote women’s wellness in the outdoor world while also learning from other powerful women."






Allie Staffen


"I want to help provide a safe space in the outdoor industry for ALL women where they can focus on whatever will make them more whole or whole again. Coming back from an injury is incredibly difficult and even just trying to train harder for your sport can be intimidating. If I can make it at least a little bit easier and lighter for someone else, my cup would be full. "



Shawna Mayo


"I have a background in personal training since 2008. Everything I learned in a traditional sense was wrong and hyper focused on things that I’ve found through trials and tribulations were not correct. Though working large muscle and workout programs are great… utilizing and building little muscles and stabilizers bring forth longevity. I’d love to continue on this path of exploration and growth. And learn more. I also instruct at women’s fire camps, lead all women snowboard events with Neversummer Snowboards, and am a huge advocate of women’s groups due to the community it brings!"

Our 2023-2024 Ambassador Application is Now Closed!

Thank you so much to everyone who applied!!

Outdoor Women’s Wellness is proud to sponsor women in the outdoors and to create community within the outdoor spaces. Our ambassadors are here to represent different outdoor sports to help build community, facilitate safe and welcoming environments and believe in our mission.