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What People Are Saying

“Zoe really cares and it shows when you work with her! Even over a remote session, she immediately spotted my areas of muscle weakness which contributed to my knee pain and quickly came up with a plan to rebuild the strength and get me on the road to recovery. Highly recommend her services!”

—Melissa W. (biker, climber, skier)




“Wow! Working with Zoe was amazing! I injured my knee three months before a mountaineering trip to Ecuador and decided to reach out to Zoe to see if she could help. She curated an amazing PT schedule for me to build up my knee in preparation for the trip. We’d meet weekly and go over exercises via her online platform which was very engaging and felt like we were working together in person! Steadily I saw improvement in my knee which allowed me to train hard leading up to climbing big mountains. I am pleased to report I had absolutely no knee pain and felt the best I ever climbing above 19,000 ft several times! I can’t recommend Zoe enough when it comes to working through injuries for climbing, hiking, mountaineering or any other mountain sports!”

— Sam K. (snowboarder, climber and mountaineering)

“I had a great experience with Zoe. She listens well and doesn't read from a script- that way she adjusts her skill set to meet your specific needs. I went to her with a climbing specific finger injury, but I know her skill set covers a wide area of expertise.”

— Jimmy J. (climber)