How We Started

Our Founder

My name is Zoe and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I received my degree from Carroll University located in Wisconsin. Upon graduation I immediately moved out west to be in the mountains. This is where I got into rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing and trail running. Getting into all these hobbies allowed me to apply what I knew as a Physical Therapist (PT) to train myself to do all of these different sports. When I started to go out with new climbing partners I always got a lot of questions related to PT. I also found that a lot of my friends didn’t always have the resources to get help for their injuries or maybe they received help but not what they needed to get back to higher level activities in the sports and hobbies that they loved. Soo…


Why We're Here

I created Outdoor Women’s Wellness because I wanted a site that would allow all women a place where they could come for help regarding their overall health. Whether that means rehabbing from an injury, learning how to train for an upcoming adventure or new hobby. I focused on women because I believe that there is a lot of power and strength for female communities. This website provides a safe location to ask questions and work together.

Through Outdoor Women’s Wellness, I hope to help women of all ages, fitness levels and paths of life to become stronger, more confident, and thrive in their outdoor goals.

Our team looks at you as the whole person you are. We are all Outdoor Women and healthcare professionals licensed in our fields. Scroll down to learn about each important member of our team.

Our Team

Zoe Caliendo, PT, DPT


Founder and Owner of Outdoor Women’s Wellness

Zoe is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. She has been practicing in primarily Outpatient orthopedic settings for the past 5 years. She is an avid rock climber, primarily traditional and alpine climbing, mountain biker, backcountry snowboarder and backpacker. Zoe specializes in orthopedics, sport rehabilitation, climbing specific rehabilitation, and is a Certified Professional Bike Fitter for all of your biking needs.

Currently accepting Physical Therapy clients located in California, Nevada and Washington for Physical Therapy.
Training clients can be located anywhere.
Contact Directly: [email protected]

Jessie McGinty, MS/ MPH, RD


Jessie is a Registered Dietitian specializing in outdoor sports performance and incorporating nutrition into overall wellness. She has experience in medical nutrition therapy, chronic disease prevention and management, culinary nutrition, nutrition curriculum development, and student/employee wellness. Her goal is to empower women to create goals that feel within reach, debunk popular myths, and help build tools for optimal health with an individualized and holistic approach that feels right for you and your body.
In her free time, Jessie is often outdoors rock climbing, biking (mountain or gravel), skiing, camping, yoga, or hiking with her dog Sadie. When she's not outdoors, she's probably baking something delicious to bring on her next adventure.
Jessie is currently accepting clients in the following states: CA, NY, CT, MA, MI, VT, PA, WV, VA, IN, WI, WA, ID, WY, UT, OK, TX, CO, AZ, AK, HI, NV.

Haley McSweeney, M.A., LMFT


My therapeutic approach is integrative, intersectional, and primarily CBT/Behavioral. I take a collaborative approach with clients who are looking to make meaningful behavioral change. I am passionate about supporting my clients in achieving sustainable lifestyle changes.
I am originally from Southern California, spent nearly a decade living and working on the Redwood coast of Humboldt County, and am now practicing psychotherapy in Reno, NV. I am licensed to provide therapy in both Nevada and California. I earned my BA in Psychology and my MA in Counseling Psychology at Humboldt State University. 
I’ve been working in mental and behavioral health since 2012. I initially worked as a behavioral therapist with individuals who have Autism and children who have severe/high behavioral and emotional needs. As a counselor, I work with individuals (both youth and adults), couples, and families. I have a strong background working with adults and children who have ADHD, anxiety, individuals who have experienced trauma, and LGBTQ+ folx.
If I’m not in the office, I’m probably off playing in the mountains. I’ve been climbing for 10+ years, and incorporate the great outdoors in my own self care practice. When enjoying the great indoors, I’m making hand-crafted soap, crocheting, baking, and all things creative.

Hannah Nicholson, PT, DPT


Hannah is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and has been practicing for 7 years. She specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine, dry needling, running and climbing specific rehabilitation and training. Being a mountain athlete herself, her orthopedic career and passion have been dedicated to treating the outdoor athlete.
Her goals for her clients are to optimize full body wellness, promote a healthy lifestyle to support their adventures and to restore and empower their ability to thrive in meaningful activities they love for a lifetime.
Outside of her career, Hannah spends most of her time rock climbing, trail running, skiing, mountain biking and backpacking.
She is currently accepting clients located in Nevada and Colorado for Physical Therapy.
Training clients can be located anywhere.

Malerie James PT, DPT


Mal is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. Mal has been practicing for 4 years in Outpatient and inpatient settings and she specializes in rehabilitating and training for women’s health including pelvic floor dysfunction physical therapy, pregnancy programming, and postpartum recovery and return to sport.
When she is not working you can find her running, hiking, biking, and climbing throughout the Driftless Area in Wisconsin.
Currently accepting virtual Physical Therapy clients located in the state of Wisconsin.
Training clients for sports specific training, pregnancy and postpartum can be located anywhere.

Colleen McElroy, RN, FNP-BC


Colleen is a board certified family nurse practitioner with nearly 2 years of NP experience and 7 years of nursing experience. She is working with us as an educator and wellness coach and her aim is to keep you healthy both naturally and through the help of your medical provider. Colleen currently works in a busy urgent care environment and that has made her understand the importance in patient education. Wellness coaching with Outdoor Women’s Wellness offers her the ability to offer that one on one specialized time that you may not get in the doctor’s office or urgent care. She will work with you on identifying your personal goals for health, interpret your labs with you, and partnering with you and your medical provider’s goals. The goal for Colleen is always to keep the patient free of medication (if possible) or interventions that are unnecessary. Healthy food, habits, and fresh air are always the first prescription! 
In the interest of keeping you healthy (and out of the hospital or urgent care), she helps you to find the balance between Western and holistic medicine through evidence-based and science-backed information. In her training to become a nurse practitioner, she found an interest in women’s health, but she looks to educate us on so much more than that. From everything hormones to high blood pressure and diabetes to menstruation and menopause - she is there doing the research on the best holistic and modern preventions and interventions to keep everyone thriving and empowered.
As a wife and mom, she totally “gets it” when it comes to finding time in your busy day to take care of yourself. Finding that balance is so important, and setting an example for your kids through healthy habits doesn’t have to be complicated. In her free time, you can find her hiking, doing yoga, rock climbing, camping, or sunbathing outside with a good book. She hopes to see you in the blog, YouTube videos, and Wellness Coaching sections of the website that Outdoor Women’s Wellness offers.